Monday, February 16, 2009

Rainy day

Today it is supposed to storm the worst all year in southern california, lots of wind and rain.... 

So i figured I would take the time to update my latest happenings.

I shot The World Archery festival in Vegas and finished up 9th. I shot a 288, 291 and a 290. I feel like I performed well, managing myself mentally physically and emotionally. I expected nothing entering this tournament and was just hoping for the best outcome. People have told me that vegas is unlike any other tournament in the world as there is some substantial money on the line. I personally didn't notice a difference in the feeling of the environment and just shot like I usually did. You may say that is because I was no where near the real money, but I really do not think that would make a difference at all. 

Returning from vegas the following week I shot a FITA along with the other RA's and shot my personal best shooting the longest distances in the heaviest wind of the day. I ended up shooting
1306 FITA
301 at 90M
329 at 70M
328 at 50M
348 at 30M
I was decently satisfied with my shooting that day, there was a lot I could have improved upon as far as control went. I am really pushing myself hard towards the top. 

Right now I'm getting ready for indoor nationals and at the same time getting ready to shoot the Mexican Gran Prix in Tijuana right afterwards. 

I swear I will get some new video up soon for technique. 

Here is some highspeed video we shot yesterday. Its pretty incredible on how much the arrows spin with huge spinwings.


Ryan said...

good job on your personal best jake. is is more than excellent. you made a lot of improvement under coach lee. we are all proud of you and we hope to see some video showing your form technique!

Anonymous said...

Jake! Great scores! Share some training tips on how to improve!

Beginner said...

what s the sound i hear on background of yur begining to learn best videos? is that a timer you use everytime you shoot? wy does it have a sound afer you shoot?

my coach says you have a verry good form. congraulatiions to you

maybe you add more up close videos please

Rina Gilmer said...

can you post step by step shooting pictures of you? that would help us beginners a lot! please :>>>

Elizabeth Pagayonan said...

super cool watch the arrows fly in slow mode...