Saturday, January 31, 2009

Indoors all day

I shot indoors all day today and did pretty well. I ended up re-tuning the bow again. I just cannot seem to get good arrow flight for my bareshafts. I don't know what the issue is... I just can't seem to get the bareshaft to stick in straight like my fletched shafts do. I've played with center shot, plunger tension and bow weight. Oh well....

So anyways after I gave up with that I just started shooting. Everything went well, I ended up shooting a 294 with 16x's while shooting an 8. So it's a pretty good score to work with. Everything will fall in place. 

I was asked what I do to mentally prepare for a tournament. Well basically I just start at the foundation of knowing that I have my equipment properly set-up. If I don't have faith in my equipment then I will struggle in believing that I am going into a tournament without an advantage but rather a disadvantage. Other then that, just knowing I am in good shape and I am confident in my abilities is all that is really left for preparation. All of my technical, physical and mental training just work for me at tournaments. 

I got a slideshow running on the sidebar that I can upload some pictures from my phone during the shooting incase i want to share some shots with you.

Here is an end i shot today, XXX

Friday, January 30, 2009

More New Arrows

Today I tuned my outdoor set-up with my new set of 450 X10's. I ended up cutting 3/8ths of an inch off the arrow to get a proper tune at 46 lbs. 

Then in the afternoon I shot 50 arrows at blank bale and then shot Olympic Round match-play which is head to head elimination rounds down to the Gold and Bronze medal matches. They started with no wind then then slowly built up to a steady to gusting wind that was strong enough to aim off into the left edge of the red. 

I started off with a 12 arrow ranking round of a 109 which put me in second behind Brady. My first match was against Peter, 108 to 103 I shot 4 8's throughout the round which was a lot more then preferred. Next was against Heather, she shot a 103 and I ended up with a 111. Only one 8 that time, the 8's really are proving to be a downfall of mine as far as limiting my scores go. 

Finally was the gold medal match with Brady it was getting much more windy then the two previous matches. At any rate brady ended up beating me during our match. I have a little bit of fine tuning left on my bow to get my arrows flying right in the wind. I also want to get some high-speed video of the arrow passing the rest to see if I am getting proper clearance.

Thanks for reading, Right now I am going to search for a mobile picture uploader for this so I can upload pics from my cell phone to get a fresh look on here.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good day

Well, I havent updated in a couple days. Here is what happened since the last time;

On Tuesday I shot a Fita, 1285.
293 at 90, 321 at 70, 321 at 50, 350 at 30. 

Wednesday I went up 3.5 Lbs in weight to help reach 90M and switched to shooting 450 X10's I shot aim off gold game and finished in 53% which is pretty good for the windy conditions. 

Today I shot gold game and finished with 88% and a score of 336. Im pretty satisfied with how I shot then with more bow weight then normal. I then threw a new string on my Indoor bow and got my nocking points set again. The tune is acceptable to shoot and start getting used to the bow for vegas next week.

Tomorrow morning we do Ty Kwon Do again, even though I really don't want to.

I will also be looking for some HTML coding to put into the sidebar of the blog to mobile upload pictures and video into a gallery from my cell phone. 

Monday, January 26, 2009


Well today we started shooting blank bale today and then moved onto 20 yards to finally set-up and tie on permanent nocking points. I went through 5 sets of nocking points before finding the right spot!!!! So aggravating........ Then I went to lunch to eat the wonderful (insert sarcasm) lunch. 

With only an hour lunch break I just can't seem to find time to get anything productive done during that time. Then back down to the range to suffer in the Gail force winds while shooting in Team Gold Game. We shoot 3 archers a team and get to 55 points, 4 arrows an end, 2 arrows must be shot by each archer in 30 seconds each. My team finished but it wasn't pretty. The wind was horrible! I was aiming over in the blue on the left side of the target. My guess would be 20 mph+ winds were pretty steady and more gusts from time to time. 

Then onto sports-med for some accupunture on my shoulder. We did it into my biceps tendon and my inferspinatus and teres muscles. My shoulder feels pretty good right now considering how it has been feeling. Then I did about 45 mins of therapy for my posture which is REALLY tough.....

Anyways Im gonna go fold my clothes that have been in my hamper clean for a few days now.

Take it easy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, today it started out raining so we did not do our Ty Kwon Do. I got down to the field at 9am and shot 3 rounds of indoors until lunch. I shot a 291, 288 and 291 so not too bad with X10's.

In the afternoon I shot blank bale and some 70M before having to leave a little early to go buy some arrows. Easton still hasn't gotten arrows to me for the World Archery Festival. I bought some 2114's from the local archery range, performance archery. I threw some 4" duravanes on them and will set them up tomorrow and see how it goes. 

I went into sportsmed to get my shoulder worked on yet again.  I had active release done on my inferspinatus (i have no idea how to spell that) and had ice-cup done on it afterwards.

Well im off to bed to start another day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, today started off like usual getting up at 730 to shoot at 8. I started with blank bale, then went to 30M to make some quick adjustments in my tune. Then on to 70M for gold game. I finished in 48 shots for 35 golds and averaged a 325 for the day. I then moved on to 20 yards to just fling some arrows at the indoor distance to see how the new bow did. X10's are just not the proper arrow for indoor shooting in my opinion but they work in a pinch. I ended up shooting a 292 after a couple ends of practice. 

Well yet another day goes by that I do not have the proper arrows for indoors from easton. I dont know why I am having such a hard time getting arrows sent to me. Im debating whether or not to go buy some arrows on my own from the nearest shop which is over 40 mins away....

Oh well hope they come in tomorrow. 


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Workin on it

Hey guys, I'm currently re-working this blog as well as trying to decide what to do with my website. I've decided to try to post an update every day on how it went, how many arrows shot etc. 

The DVD is only available on under the merchandise tab. 

So today I shot about 250 arrows give or take. I shot blank bale and 70m. I averaged about a 328-333 at 70m today, im happy with that considering that i havent really finished setting up my new bow. I just got in the new Hoyt GMX riser and Hoyt 990tx limbs. I just threw a used string and some quick tuning into the bow. Its not perfect as I am having some issues with left arrows.  Probably because my arrows are weak and I have a super stiff plunger to compensate for the arrows. 

Right now im still waiting for my easton arrows to arrive for the world archery festival in Las Vegas. 

Im going to start up a twitter account and see how that goes. So keep checking up to see whats new and up and coming.

Thanks for reading..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'll update soon

Sorry, ive been busy.. Ill get an update soon. The DVD is for everyone, its a great re-fresher even if your advanced. The book does have a couple changes. I personally do not know exactly what/how many things were changed.