Monday, April 20, 2009

Long time no Blog

Well its been a long time since I've blogged, so here is what has been happening in my life recently. 

I went to AZ cup in Phoenix a week or so ago. I ended up ranking 7th, finishing OR's 6th and winning both the international and open team rounds. During the FITA I shot a new personal best in competition at 90M with a score of 308, the third highest score on the field. 70M was A 311, 50M 315 and 30M 340. It was not as windy as I figured it would be as the last two years were really windy so that was good. 

The OR's were the next day and I had my best Rolling Rank tournaments since moving out to the training center. I shot a 107, 109, 107 I got nocked out in the 1/4 rounds by the #2 ranked seed, Nesting from Norway. 

On Friday, Brady Ellison, Tyler Domenech and myself shot in the Open Team Round beating all the other teams including another team from the Resident Athlete program taking the cash prize of $120. The three of us also shot in the National Team Round on Easter Sunday against Norway and Great Britain. We were again successful and took the Gold. 

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Me in AZ cup
The next interesting thing that has happened since my last update is that TaxMasters invited myself and a few of my teammates up to Long Beach to see their sponsored GT Race car run in the Speed World Challenge. Their team name was Brass Monkey Racing. The driver ended up piloting the porsche to 7th place during the 50 minute race. 

The track was on the streets of long beach over 2.5 miles long. The cars were turning 1:26 lap times averaging over 70 MPH. In the long front stretch the cars were moving at over 150 MPH. 

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Brass Monkey Racing's Porsche 
Overall everything has been going really well, scores are increasing and I'm having more fun. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Video from mexican grand prix

I pulled this from youtube, I uploaded my own but it seemed to have disappeared.

I will re-upload my own soon.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easton Cup and other things

Well last weekend was the Easton Cup. It went pretty well I tried out some different vanes again, Ambo Spiraflex. They are not as forgiving as Spin-Wings but do group well when you shoot great shots. Here is how the weekend went;

Friday was Practice, Saturday was a one-day FITA I shot;
290 at 90M
323 at 70M
311 at 50M
340 at 30M 
1264 Total for FITA

I ended up ranking 4th, one point from third. Then sunday was Round Robins in the morning and a OR round in the afternoon. A combination of the Round Robins and the Fita gave you your final ranking. After the RR's I moved into Third for the OR's. 

The OR's went well I made it to the Semi-Finals and tied with a 108 and shot a 9 to win against the competitor's 4 for the 1 arrow shoot of. This pitted me against my roommate Brady Ellison for the Gold Medal Finals. I executed good shots with slight flaws in the wind but the Ambo Spiraflex were just not up to snuff and prevented me from shooting a good enough score to win, so I ended up with a Silver Medal for the Weekend. 

Since then I have been shooting really well with Spin-Wings again just plugging away. Since switching back I have been averaging into the 330's at 70M so not too shabby.

Today's Training was Or's in the morning and Round Robins in the afternoon. I took 2nd in the Or's and won the Round robins. I averaged a 108.5 for the day shooting 112, 106, 103, 112, 106, 112 for my matches. Which is a little less consistent then I want to be but I was battling with 20+ MPH gusting winds. 

Tuesday we Leave for Arizona Cup which is the first major outdoor tournament in the USA for the outdoor season. 

Well thanks for reading.