Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Down at the range.

I'm down at the archery range and have a little break so I figured I'd give an update.

Well I said I was going to describe gold game to you.

We shoot at 70M (roughly 230 ft) at a target three feet in diameter. The "gold" of the target is roughly 11 inches across. On the target there is ten scoring rings. the ten and nine are in the gold. The eight and seven are red. We shoot off a timer, getting ten seconds to shoot the arrow. If we don't get the arrow off in ten seconds we get a point deduction. This puts stress on the archer and distracts them from shooting good shots. We get points from shooting the arrow in the nine or ten ring, no points for an eight and minus one point for seven and less.

We shoot to 35 points. I ended up finishing in 37 shots, this being the new record for the RA program.

Some of you have been asking about training. Well I basically train 6 days a week and work on my rest day. Every day we run from 7 till 730, and go into mental training from 730 till 8. Shooting is from 9 till noon and 130 till 530 week days except on Thursday afternoon. Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at lunch we go to weight training for roughly an hour and 10 minutes. On the weekends, I shoot in the afternoon, I also work the archery club Thursday afternoon, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Basically my entire week is consumed by archery.

The Road Runner Archery Club has a new website at, http://www.roadrunnerarchery.com/ if your interested in coming out to learn archery just pay a visit to the website and get directions as well as working hours. We have all the equipment for anyone to start out shooting archery. If you have your own feel free to bring it as we can teach you on that as well. The fees are very reasonable considering the coaching you receive here. All of these archers that live here at the Olympic Training Center are considered the best coaches in the country for the BEST Method, if not the world.

As far as training information and tips on archery, the best I can do at this very moment is to tell you to look into picking up a copy of my Coach, Kisik Lee's book called Total Archery. It teaches you a biomechanically efficient shooting style that works for everyone. I will soon be selling these on ebay, Just keep an eye out here for a link to my store where you can pick them up for less then most places. It is offered in English and Spanish.

Thanks for reading.