Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New and Improved

I finally figured out how to upload my website to my server online. Check it out at and post a comment on here and let me know what you think. 

Today I got up at 4:15 to go to Balboa Park in San Diego for Fox 5 News here that was doing a bit on the San Diego Archery Group at I was invited to attend so I decided to head up there. We started around 5:40 with the first showing and did clips on and off till about 8:00. We basically just shot for the cameras and had a good time. Here is one of the clips they put up on the internet today.

I have a few new videos to upload to youtube, but I am going to do the progression through the technique again so everyone can see how dramatic the past few months have changed as far as the beauty and control of each and every shot. I will also do each step of the technique and see how that goes. 

So shooting wise I have been working on using my back to come from the set position to the set-up position. For those of you who don't know what Set and Set-Up is, Set is when you have the bow down at your sides and the set-up is when the bow is raised up just before the drawing occurs. I have been having issues on and off with problems in my shoulder right near or in the joint. I have or have-had, deltoid bursitis, deltoid tendonitis, biceps tendonitis, teres tendonitis and inferspinatus tendonitis. The pain has been more on then off lately. I haven't been making progress in sportsmed in the pain department so I figured I would look at my form. Basically i was using my right arm to lift the bow instead of my left arm in the bow grip, and then using my right shoulder to initially pull the bow back, as opposed to my hand and then shoulder. So it is going pretty well for only two days with this form. I have a video a day old that I will get up in my newest youtube video so you will see.

Thanks for the read, let me know your opinion on the website and any criticism is welcome.


Coach Kevin said...

Hello Jake. I really like the site and we've been following your career for a while now. Keep up the good work, and keep posting!

- Coach Kevin

Ryan said...

Jake - good shots. Im workin on my back tension going on. do you mind describing how you go along to get this process to work? its great if you can share some technique regardin this because my coach is givin up on me.

Ryan said...

do you have the other clips in balboa showin youir form?

do you shoot fulll time? like 7 days in a week/? are you training for the next 3 years full time? do you still go to school or work?

Anonymous said...

jake,this is ridiculous.lately i'm letting down my bow a lot when i'm shooting at a target,is this because my technique is not right, or is it because im devolpng target panic?

Jake Kaminski said...


Back Tension is more or less just using your back muscles (lower and middle Trap.) muscle more then your arm muscles. It will feel as if you are almost "inside" the bow. Like push your arms out straight to your sides and squeeze your shoulder blades together, this is almost what it feels like to shoot back tension. A drill you can do to warm up and get a feeling of back tension is to pull your bow back behind your head with the draw arm, this gives great alignment and a feeling of shooting with a lot of back tension.

I shoot pretty much 7 days a week I am training full time until I decide do stop, with no near end in sight. I do not go to school, the little work I do is coaching people in san diego.

As for "anonymous, I am afraid that is the start of target panic. You need to calm your feelings that you have when you are shooting. Just stick with a shot routine, picturing everything going perfect before you shoot a shot and believing in yourself.

Just shoot with pure beauty and control. Be as graceful as you possibly can.