Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back on track

Well today I shot 20yds at someones house today, my first time shooting by myself in probably over 4 months. 

I'll tell ya, shooting with other people is no doubt better for you then shooting by yourself especially for extended periods of time. But there is just some days and times that you need to be by yourself and work on just shooting, nothing else. I have been struggling with shooting indoor distances just for an unknown reason until today. I worked on my bow hand changing it to almost being as completely relaxed as possible. I think my hand was just way too tense on the bow trying to force it to be in the right position instead of just allowing it to happen. 

Its almost like its awkward keeping my hand more relaxed. Its no doubt a way better position and state of intensity, but its just so different then what I have been doing for some reason that Its just odd. Im really glad I got the time to shoot by myself and get to feel what has been going on in my body without distractions. 

Anyhow I shot a 293 today and just finally enjoyed myself shooting for the first time indoors since before Christmas.

Well take it easy,



Mark said...

is your hand now totally relaxed? i noticed that some of you have their thumb pointing at the side. i guess it means there's pressure on the thumb instead of keeping it relaxed. yet i noticed coach lee did not say anything about it. is this a new technique he is teacching you?

Jake Kaminski said...

yes there is tension thru the thumb, the thumb is extended to prevent any interference with the bow, it also makes the hand stronger for a better platform on the bow. i am also pushing pressure low on the grip and towards the inside of the grip.

Mark O'Shea said...

Do you do this from start to end? I mean the tensed thumb all the way throughout the shot? wat about when you you drop the hand, is the thumb relaxed now?

Jake said...

I keep the thumb stretched out the whole time, even in the flick, it is always stretched out as far as possible from my hand.

Mark said...

Thumb stretched out pointing to right side? Do you hav new videos?