Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back on track

Well today I shot 20yds at someones house today, my first time shooting by myself in probably over 4 months. 

I'll tell ya, shooting with other people is no doubt better for you then shooting by yourself especially for extended periods of time. But there is just some days and times that you need to be by yourself and work on just shooting, nothing else. I have been struggling with shooting indoor distances just for an unknown reason until today. I worked on my bow hand changing it to almost being as completely relaxed as possible. I think my hand was just way too tense on the bow trying to force it to be in the right position instead of just allowing it to happen. 

Its almost like its awkward keeping my hand more relaxed. Its no doubt a way better position and state of intensity, but its just so different then what I have been doing for some reason that Its just odd. Im really glad I got the time to shoot by myself and get to feel what has been going on in my body without distractions. 

Anyhow I shot a 293 today and just finally enjoyed myself shooting for the first time indoors since before Christmas.

Well take it easy,


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New and Improved

I finally figured out how to upload my website to my server online. Check it out at and post a comment on here and let me know what you think. 

Today I got up at 4:15 to go to Balboa Park in San Diego for Fox 5 News here that was doing a bit on the San Diego Archery Group at I was invited to attend so I decided to head up there. We started around 5:40 with the first showing and did clips on and off till about 8:00. We basically just shot for the cameras and had a good time. Here is one of the clips they put up on the internet today.

I have a few new videos to upload to youtube, but I am going to do the progression through the technique again so everyone can see how dramatic the past few months have changed as far as the beauty and control of each and every shot. I will also do each step of the technique and see how that goes. 

So shooting wise I have been working on using my back to come from the set position to the set-up position. For those of you who don't know what Set and Set-Up is, Set is when you have the bow down at your sides and the set-up is when the bow is raised up just before the drawing occurs. I have been having issues on and off with problems in my shoulder right near or in the joint. I have or have-had, deltoid bursitis, deltoid tendonitis, biceps tendonitis, teres tendonitis and inferspinatus tendonitis. The pain has been more on then off lately. I haven't been making progress in sportsmed in the pain department so I figured I would look at my form. Basically i was using my right arm to lift the bow instead of my left arm in the bow grip, and then using my right shoulder to initially pull the bow back, as opposed to my hand and then shoulder. So it is going pretty well for only two days with this form. I have a video a day old that I will get up in my newest youtube video so you will see.

Thanks for the read, let me know your opinion on the website and any criticism is welcome.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

More new personal bests

Well it seems that just about every week I am setting more new personal bests. I would estimate that every personal best I have set in the past has been broken in the last month with the exception of a few. 
This week I shot another FITA on tuesday morning with variable wind during the long distances and about 7MPH wind at 50M but at 30 there was 20MPH gusts and rain that was putting a challenge up for me. Had it not been windy at 30M I would have broken a 1320. 

This weeks score was:
313 at 90M (personal best)
327 at 70M
331 at 50M (personal best)
346 at 30M
1317 fita (personal best)

Yesterday I shot some indoor rounds. I have been struggling with my shoulder on and off for the past 2 years with tendonitis and other over use injures. Somedays it doesn't hurt at all and others it just aches to the point of me giving up on shooting that day. Yesterday was one of those days. I started off shooting well with a 294 and 10X's but after that it just spiraled down hill. But I know that todays' rest will prove to be a great help with this next weeks shooting. 

I have been working on my Macbook on the iWeb program to produce my website and make it semi-professional looking. It is coming along quite well and hopefully should be up by the end of the week. 

For those of you who have been asking about tips on how to shoot. I will try to make a video of some recent shots with steps on how to shoot. I have some further plans of helping people with their technique  and critiquing them showing where they can improve. I have not yet had time to do so but I hope to in the near future.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rainy day

Today it is supposed to storm the worst all year in southern california, lots of wind and rain.... 

So i figured I would take the time to update my latest happenings.

I shot The World Archery festival in Vegas and finished up 9th. I shot a 288, 291 and a 290. I feel like I performed well, managing myself mentally physically and emotionally. I expected nothing entering this tournament and was just hoping for the best outcome. People have told me that vegas is unlike any other tournament in the world as there is some substantial money on the line. I personally didn't notice a difference in the feeling of the environment and just shot like I usually did. You may say that is because I was no where near the real money, but I really do not think that would make a difference at all. 

Returning from vegas the following week I shot a FITA along with the other RA's and shot my personal best shooting the longest distances in the heaviest wind of the day. I ended up shooting
1306 FITA
301 at 90M
329 at 70M
328 at 50M
348 at 30M
I was decently satisfied with my shooting that day, there was a lot I could have improved upon as far as control went. I am really pushing myself hard towards the top. 

Right now I'm getting ready for indoor nationals and at the same time getting ready to shoot the Mexican Gran Prix in Tijuana right afterwards. 

I swear I will get some new video up soon for technique. 

Here is some highspeed video we shot yesterday. Its pretty incredible on how much the arrows spin with huge spinwings.