Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New book on ebay

Hey guys, I just listed another book on ebay, today marks the first sale on ebay which is great news.

Here is the link incase anyone is interested.

Thanks again for reading

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well, lots has been going on here at the OTC. 

I have recently picked up two sponsors since my last few blog posts, Indo Board and Doinker.

Forrest the owner of Indo 
Board, a balance trainer stopped in to sportsmed one day to explain the benefits of using the device to the sports trainers a few weeks back. I approached him as I have done some training on the Indo Board as well as shot off of it. I invited him down to the archery range to show him my stuff on the board while shooting. 

When he got to the ra
nge I started to shoot off the board at blank bale, 3 yards away. He was impressed with just that I had the balance to do so. I decided to take my first shot at 70M in-front of him. I shot several arrows at 70M, all of which hitting the target with a 10! 

After some further discussion with him, he ended up hooking me up with their compete indo set-up with the deck, roller and Indo-Flo cushion. I was suprised that I would be offered a board at no cost. 

At any rate he made 
me rider of the month for Indo Board on their newsletter. 

If you are looking for a balance training devise and possibly strength training as well check out Indo Board at www.indoboard.com

Also I sent a sponsorship proposal to the Doinker factory, they signed me on as a staff shooter. I am very excited to have my first "official" archery company signed on. They sell great stabilizer set-ups for recurve and compounds alike. If you are in the market for some stabilizers then I would highly recommend this company, I shot there products long before I was a shooter.
 I've done some testing with other stabilizers and just flat out like the feel and look of the Doinkers over any other stabilizer. 
Check them out at www.doinker.com

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have uploaded a book to ebay, Like I said I may not be putting many books on Ebay as I have not yet sold one there. I understand if you feel more comfortable purchasing the book on there, just let me know if you do not see one and I will put one up. 

Also the video on Roadrunnerarchery.com is produced by Easton Sports Development foundation. We are just selling the video for them. This video does teach the same method that Kisik teaches here at the Olympic Training Center as well as the Total Archery book. The DVD is not meant to replace Total Archery, but will compliment it very well, If you do end up purchasing a DVD just put a note in there that I helped show you where to pick one up.

Someone asked me for my number so they could call me up about a Total Archery book, I'd rather not give out my phone number but you can email me at Jake.Kaminski@gmail.com .

Thanks again for reading,

Ill try to make an update on some happenings around here later today if I can.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Total Archery

Some of you have been wondering where you can get the Total Archery book.

Well you have two options, both are sold by me to you at a lower then retail cost. 

Option one; Purchase via paypal on Roadrunner Archery's website HERE at the bottom there is a "buy now" button with paypal. You may use any major credit card. 

The second option is to purchase on Ebay, I am not having great success on Ebay so your best bet is to purchase from Option one on the website, HERE is a link to my ebay page.\

Thanks for looking.