Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Workin on it

Hey guys, I'm currently re-working this blog as well as trying to decide what to do with my website. I've decided to try to post an update every day on how it went, how many arrows shot etc. 

The DVD is only available on under the merchandise tab. 

So today I shot about 250 arrows give or take. I shot blank bale and 70m. I averaged about a 328-333 at 70m today, im happy with that considering that i havent really finished setting up my new bow. I just got in the new Hoyt GMX riser and Hoyt 990tx limbs. I just threw a used string and some quick tuning into the bow. Its not perfect as I am having some issues with left arrows.  Probably because my arrows are weak and I have a super stiff plunger to compensate for the arrows. 

Right now im still waiting for my easton arrows to arrive for the world archery festival in Las Vegas. 

Im going to start up a twitter account and see how that goes. So keep checking up to see whats new and up and coming.

Thanks for reading..

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