Monday, January 26, 2009


Well today we started shooting blank bale today and then moved onto 20 yards to finally set-up and tie on permanent nocking points. I went through 5 sets of nocking points before finding the right spot!!!! So aggravating........ Then I went to lunch to eat the wonderful (insert sarcasm) lunch. 

With only an hour lunch break I just can't seem to find time to get anything productive done during that time. Then back down to the range to suffer in the Gail force winds while shooting in Team Gold Game. We shoot 3 archers a team and get to 55 points, 4 arrows an end, 2 arrows must be shot by each archer in 30 seconds each. My team finished but it wasn't pretty. The wind was horrible! I was aiming over in the blue on the left side of the target. My guess would be 20 mph+ winds were pretty steady and more gusts from time to time. 

Then onto sports-med for some accupunture on my shoulder. We did it into my biceps tendon and my inferspinatus and teres muscles. My shoulder feels pretty good right now considering how it has been feeling. Then I did about 45 mins of therapy for my posture which is REALLY tough.....

Anyways Im gonna go fold my clothes that have been in my hamper clean for a few days now.

Take it easy.

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Lee said...

Sounds like training can be quite a grind sometimes. I'm interested in knowing how you get prepared for competition. Each athlete has his or her own way to get ready. What's your method?