Friday, January 30, 2009

More New Arrows

Today I tuned my outdoor set-up with my new set of 450 X10's. I ended up cutting 3/8ths of an inch off the arrow to get a proper tune at 46 lbs. 

Then in the afternoon I shot 50 arrows at blank bale and then shot Olympic Round match-play which is head to head elimination rounds down to the Gold and Bronze medal matches. They started with no wind then then slowly built up to a steady to gusting wind that was strong enough to aim off into the left edge of the red. 

I started off with a 12 arrow ranking round of a 109 which put me in second behind Brady. My first match was against Peter, 108 to 103 I shot 4 8's throughout the round which was a lot more then preferred. Next was against Heather, she shot a 103 and I ended up with a 111. Only one 8 that time, the 8's really are proving to be a downfall of mine as far as limiting my scores go. 

Finally was the gold medal match with Brady it was getting much more windy then the two previous matches. At any rate brady ended up beating me during our match. I have a little bit of fine tuning left on my bow to get my arrows flying right in the wind. I also want to get some high-speed video of the arrow passing the rest to see if I am getting proper clearance.

Thanks for reading, Right now I am going to search for a mobile picture uploader for this so I can upload pics from my cell phone to get a fresh look on here.

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