Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well between coaching at Road Runner Archery Club 4 sessions per week, Putting up Road Runner's Website ( ), Writing new sponsorship proposals and Training I have very little time left over for rest and fun.

The Road Runner Club is coming along pretty well. All the kids and adults are learning really fast. The program we are implementing shows great promise. Although I enjoy working with these kids, from time to time I wish that I was having a good time just having fun elsewhere or just resting. I am working 4 sessions per week Thursday afternoon which is our time to normally get into sportsmed for longer then normal to get some extra body work done. I also work on Saturday morning and afternoon as well as Sunday afternoon. 

Today I received a package from Rick Johnson who came out to the Training Center a while back as a 2 week volunteer. He was by far THE best massage therapist I have ever had the honor of working with. He sent me his book, Anatomy Flash Cards which shows muscle groups, where they insert and the correct way to massage them to release tightness and inflexibility. You can visit his website to read up on his techniques. If you are considering massage therapy I HIGHLY recommend checking him out. This was a one of a kind technique that worked wonders on me. I really wish he has time to come back out to the training center to work on me some more. 

Well I'm off to bed, I really need to start getting to bed earlier. These runs at 7 AM is getting very old and boring. Its very difficult to get up that early after working my butt off the day before.


Mr.Wall said...

cool blog

Anonymous said...

how much do you charge per hour in roadrunners? for beginners, can we rent equipment before decidng to buy? can we shoot outside at night for long distances?