Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I've been crazy busy lately. Here is a jist list of what has been going on here.

-Shot a personal best at 70M of 338
-Shot a personal best double 20yd score of 588
-Set a new record for the RA program during "gold game" of 95% golds (Ill explain later when I have time)

There has been a few questions about my training schedule, about the Road Runner Club and other things I will try to get some of this information on my blog soon I just don't have time right this second I have to get down to resume training in 5 minutes. 

Thanks for reading.



Thomas Yee (Singapore) said...

Happy Halloween too Jake. Can you advice on how to pull my 44pounds bow? I'm a beginner but I do not have time to go gym training.

Juan Torres said...

do you train everyday? maybe advice on how to improve shooting would be great......please give tips to us.

Anonymous said...

Your making us proud of you! your personal best is outstanding. do you have new videos?please add some new videos.didn't you have a hallloooween shoot?

Jake Kaminski said...

Thomas yee, I would personally advise you to pick up Kisik Lee's book, called the BEST method. It is a biomechanically shooting technique that allows you to use bone structure to pull a bow instead of muscles. I will soon be selling the BEST Method books on ebay. Keep an eye out here for a link to my page on ebay.

Juan Torres, Yes I train 6 days a week, sunday is off but I work with the Road Runner Archery Club, here at the OTC. So I basically work 7 days a week at archery. I would still advise to pick up the BEST method books. If you guys have them. Let me know and maybe I can start giving tips of the day or something of that nature.

I do not have any new videos to upload, I have been so busy training and working on technique that I just dont have the time right now to upload. I will try to make time in the near future.

I did not have a halloween shoot persay. I shot on halloween if that counts. I shot about 200 arrows that day, the coach gave me the afternoon off.