Friday, April 3, 2009

Easton Cup and other things

Well last weekend was the Easton Cup. It went pretty well I tried out some different vanes again, Ambo Spiraflex. They are not as forgiving as Spin-Wings but do group well when you shoot great shots. Here is how the weekend went;

Friday was Practice, Saturday was a one-day FITA I shot;
290 at 90M
323 at 70M
311 at 50M
340 at 30M 
1264 Total for FITA

I ended up ranking 4th, one point from third. Then sunday was Round Robins in the morning and a OR round in the afternoon. A combination of the Round Robins and the Fita gave you your final ranking. After the RR's I moved into Third for the OR's. 

The OR's went well I made it to the Semi-Finals and tied with a 108 and shot a 9 to win against the competitor's 4 for the 1 arrow shoot of. This pitted me against my roommate Brady Ellison for the Gold Medal Finals. I executed good shots with slight flaws in the wind but the Ambo Spiraflex were just not up to snuff and prevented me from shooting a good enough score to win, so I ended up with a Silver Medal for the Weekend. 

Since then I have been shooting really well with Spin-Wings again just plugging away. Since switching back I have been averaging into the 330's at 70M so not too shabby.

Today's Training was Or's in the morning and Round Robins in the afternoon. I took 2nd in the Or's and won the Round robins. I averaged a 108.5 for the day shooting 112, 106, 103, 112, 106, 112 for my matches. Which is a little less consistent then I want to be but I was battling with 20+ MPH gusting winds. 

Tuesday we Leave for Arizona Cup which is the first major outdoor tournament in the USA for the outdoor season. 

Well thanks for reading.


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