Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have uploaded a book to ebay, Like I said I may not be putting many books on Ebay as I have not yet sold one there. I understand if you feel more comfortable purchasing the book on there, just let me know if you do not see one and I will put one up. 

Also the video on Roadrunnerarchery.com is produced by Easton Sports Development foundation. We are just selling the video for them. This video does teach the same method that Kisik teaches here at the Olympic Training Center as well as the Total Archery book. The DVD is not meant to replace Total Archery, but will compliment it very well, If you do end up purchasing a DVD just put a note in there that I helped show you where to pick one up.

Someone asked me for my number so they could call me up about a Total Archery book, I'd rather not give out my phone number but you can email me at Jake.Kaminski@gmail.com .

Thanks again for reading,

Ill try to make an update on some happenings around here later today if I can.



Ryan said...

the DVD is not in ebay!!!!

Jake said...

This is because it is on roadrunnerarchery.com you may purchase it through paypal which is just as secure. Only total archery will be for sale on Ebay at this point.