Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sorry I havent posted in a long time, ive been keeping busy.

So after this years nationals in Colorado Springs, CO and taking 6th in both the ranking round and US Open, I am not on vacation back at my family's home in Florida. 

These 3 weeks should be good some down time was much needed. I plan on having some fun in florida and then heading to Oakland to visit my sister. 

Training resumes on the first of September. There will be several new RA's at the OTC hopefully it will still be as fun as it used to be, Im optimistic but we will see soon.

As for people asking to post Pics and video I'd appreciate it if you would go to my website, I will be putting up some new video on the RA program and some video of myself shooting at nationals.

Thanks for reading



Eric said...

Thanks for the wink at my blog. Best of luck in your training and in life.

Schwartz said...

Been visiting your website. No new photos and videos yet. Good luck in your training!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can post form videos again like before.

Anonymous said...

videoooosss :DDDD